The Symbiosis of Music and Movie

Film music have a great effect upon movie spread, music and movie always reinforce each other. Why choose music as promotion? This blog would talk about how film music and movie help each other.

Movie promotion generally has two objects, first is expanding extent of influence, and second is leading consuming behaviour. In terms of extent of influence, it is little difference among texts, pictures, and music. Therefore, the difference of them is how they drive consumption.



What soundtrack bring to movie

Compared with texts and pictures, music accomplish emotional transmission in a more intuitive and quick way, it can stimulates various senses of potential audience, and produce consumptive action. It is a kind of sensory marketing. How sensory marketing works? Research shows that if store play cheerful music, customers will probably buy more goods. Marketing and consumer behaviour Lecturer at goldsmiths, Mario Campana said that, “Sensory marketing is one of the things that has been used a lot in the past few years,” It is reflected in the movie industry too.

In the early days of film development, there were the combination of images and music. In Chaplin’s silent film ”The Modern Times” multiple fast rhythm music, not only fill in the blank of the movie sound, but also highlights how laborious but numb assembly line workers repeat the mechanical motion. With the improvement of movie industry, people derived a new concept of theme song——a melody used, in a film score, to set a mood, introduce a character. Thus, when the theme song promote, it contains movie connotation and build an emotional resonance bridge between music listeners and movie. Its melody change with movie plots’ ups and downs, more exquisite description the character’s insides. When people was impressed by the emotion of the songs contained, they will go to the cinema to see how the movie telling the story.

The prior publishing theme song is a warm up marketing. A good theme song can generate enthusiasm and curiosity for movie and some people mind just have the attention of the movie because they attracted by the song. If the music has strong IP itself, like famous singer or song producers, even special topic (eg.《See You Again》is written a melody that could pay tribute to Paul Walker), the scope of its spread will be far more than film original advertising coverage.

Moreover, because these music transmits fast, can be listened everywhere, and create resonance in a long time, they would bring movie and actors everlasting topics. For a classic movie, after many years, the details are unclear, but when the melody reminds us, we still can recall the good picture of movie. The charm of film music is that it takes the form of sound records the gripping stories.


How movie influence music industry

There are two 020 channels of theme songs, one is leading flow to cinemas, the other one is leading flow to singers’ concerts. Movie gives strong power to music promotion. It is not easy to attract people to listen a single song in an album. However if this song is played in a hit movie, both song and the producers will be promoted. If musician had an opportunity to write songs for big-budget movie, they will get huge follow-up potential benefits. If the music were recognised by director, musician is likely to become a member of the director team, and establish a solid relationship.

For musicians, on the one hand, if they participate in the movie songs creation or singing songs, they will receive higher income than usual, because the movie song’s budget is usually higher than that of writing common songs.


As table shows, each film cost average 400 thousand on music production. As a reference, making a song almost cost $ 8,320, in other words, making an album almost cost $100 thousand. Obviously, creating music for movie team has larger budget than create album by yourselves.

On the other hand, it can save production costs, and movie’s story has better artistic conception than virtual MV. Promoting a song isn’t difficult, but it is difficult to produce an EP and even an album for this song, also hard to make a proper MV. As for music, a match story from movie is easy to resonate listeners than virtual MV.

Because many songs lifting profile by cooperating with premium films, many musicians now try to initiatively cooperate with film producers to explore the most appropriate method of cooperation. This forms of symbiotic has been formed 50 years ago in Hollywood. Some film companies will open a music company themselves, and maximum the value related to the movie music.


It is a symbiotic relationship between music and film, and music should not be a subsidiary of a film. Music can drive the spread of the film from a nice soundtrack, and film spread can enhance the vitality of songs.



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