Soundtracks industry

Hollywood movie has big influence of the original music, film soundtrack sales has become Hollywood’s standard move, almost every major studios release music soundtrack. Movies and music has win-win situation in artistic expression and business rewards. “Star Wars” (1977) and  “Titanic”(1988) are representatives. Even if the hypostatic record industry receive recession in recent years, “Frozen “(2013) hit and its theme song” Let it go “is popular all over the world, its soundtrack sold 3.5 million copies.


Starting in the 1950 s, movie soundtrack music become an important weapon in the movie marketing promotion, it has an important place in the early and late movie business life, so its life cycle is longer than the film itself because it had not video or DVD at that time. A three minutes theme song played repeatedly on the radio and television broadcast, it is the best advertising for film. Nowadays, Acoustic music albums has become the most extensive movie derivatives, bring a lot of profit, while it’s a long-term sales and brand maintenance of the cinema. Releasing movie soundtrack is an effective means of promoting film music, for producers, record companies, composers, musicians, trade unions, movie fans, and music fans.

Facing with the temptation of high profit, film and music companies gradually make in-depth strategic layout, according to the need of film in different stages of publicity to match with different degree of music. Hollywood movies producers early planned the production and promotion of music derivatives. Usually, soundtrack albums issue earlier than the film, sometimes is synchronous, hardly lag. Most the reason of lag is producers didn’t predict that soundtrack would sell like hot cakes. For example “Transformers”, just released a version of the soundtrack songs when it first released. Later because of the movie fans and music fans’ strong market demand, warner bros. published OST after a long time of movie came out, and soundtracks were quickly sold out.

Many young audiences both love watching movies and listening to music. So use music to sell movies, and use film to sell movies, can help producers save a lot of marketing costs. There is another factor that now film company creating a soundtrack increasingly positive, they begin to become the owner of the record company.

Because of music fans joining in, movie may have more audiences than before. Like Furious 7. Although “See You Again” is the biggest hit from Furious 7, but the full soundtrack — which includes new songs from Prince Royce, T.I. and Young Thug, Khalifa and Iggy Azalea and Dillon Francis & DJ Snake — shares the multicultural authenticity of the long-running Fast & Furious franchise, and crucially so. Big names join can add more profit in OST.

Film music not only in the early help propaganda, but also sell music in music streaming platform, In 2014, according to data from the apple iTunes music chart of the annual sales, animated film “Frozen” soundtrack in album sales ranked the first; Ferrell Williams for ” Despicable Me 2″ theme song “Happy” win in the year single sales list.

Film music is not only an important part of the movie industry, and the industry itself has formed its own unique industrial chain.



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